About Prager


The Prager Group is a privately-held real estate investment firm dedicated to identifying and taking advantage of investment opportunities mainly in the residential real estate space.

The firm was founded in 2009 and currently manages approximately $350.0 million of assets. We seek to generate high yields and current returns while minimizing risk through low volatility investment in selected markets.  The firm looks to capitalize on situations that are not in the mainstream of investment opportunities. We creatively seek out new opportunities that allow us to remain a leader in residential real estate investment.  We have expertise in a broad range of real estate investment strategies and across all asset classes for both institutional and high net worth investors.

Our dedicated team of employees has enabled us to deliver consistent, positive returns over a long period in all market environments. We have built our name on our breadth of talent, intensive research and risk-averse approach to investing. Our long-term experience gives us the insight and patience to turn our vision into profitable, stable businesses.

Over the past 9  years, the Prager Group has concentrated its investment strategy in low to moderate income residential real estate.  Prager has specifically invested and targeted the single family housing arena and through its internal expertise and relationships has been able to source investments that gross mid to high teen cash on cash returns resulting in net 10%+ cash on cash returns to our investors.  The firm is focused on investing in 8 – 10 markets throughout the Southeast (Atlanta, Augusta, Memphis, Nashville, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Orlando, Charleston, Houston, San Antonio) and strives to diversify risk and increase geographic diversification and asset exposure over all markets and all investments.

Since inception, the Prager Group has acquired over 3,000 assets through a combination of the three main investment methods, high net worth individual investment,  the group’s funds business and through separate managed accounts  (SROF, PRAGER, SMA’S). Through the Prager Group’s various investment avenues and vehicles, management has been able to deliver opportunity to its partners and investors while maintaining very attractive ongoing returns.  Opportunities continue to present themselves to the Prager Group in the real estate investment space and management will continue to leverage its expertise in this field to grow both the funds and separate accounts business.