About Prager

Core Values

  • The Prager Group was founded in 2009 and has been involved in all aspects of real estate for the better portion of the past 10 years, including development, financing and investment.
  • The Prager Group realized there was a vast disconnect in the residential real estate market due to the downturn in the economy that could potentially be taken advantage of. With this thought, they acquired the first six properties in Atlanta that are the cornerstone of the Prager Group, its investments and property management divisions.
  • To-date, the Prager Group has invested in and currently manages over $350.0 million of single family residential real estate throughout the Southeastern United States.
  • The company has grown from just an idea taking advantage of the down turn in the residential market by acquiring a few single family houses into The Prager Group, which recently secured a partnership that will quadruple the assets under management over the next twelve to twenty-four months.
  • The Prager Group includes Prager Private Equity, Prager Property Management, and The Home Factory.
  • Prager Property Management oversees the management of over 3000 properties.
  • Prager maintains a staff of 20 employees in Atlanta and Memphis and 8 sub-contracting crews that are qualified to handle minor maintenance or major rehab projects to completion.
  • Prager Property Management Services:
    • Quality Rental Homes at Affordable Prices
    • Large Inventory throughout the SE US
    • Quality Property Management of all Rental Homes
    • Maintenance Division of Insured Professionals
    • Personal Service